Per Share
$1 min
    Account Management

    Manage trades, positions, and orders for one or several accounts.
  • Watchlists
    Create Watchlists for Stock and ETFs.
  • Charts and Studies
    Technical Analysis and Trade from Charts.
  • Advanced Order Types
    Stops, Trailing Stops, OTO, OCO orders.
  • Low Cost Trading
    Low Cost Trading with $1 minimum.
    Ex: 80 shares = $1


Per Share
$1 min
    Web & Mobile Access

    Follow Trades on iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android.
  • Follow ETF Alerts, ETF Screens, ETF Trade Activty and Research ETF trades.
    Enter Trades on Platform
  • Customize Trade Screens
    Good Till Cancel Orders
  • Receive Trade Notifications
  • Over 5000 ETFs Available
    Includes 1x, 2x, 3x ETfs, Inverse, and other ETF Strategies

  • *Contact Us if you have questions about ETFs.

Rather Pay Per Trade? Use Our Pay-As-You-Go Plan (Based on Monthly Volume)

# Monthly Volume Per Contract Fee Minimum Per Order
1 0- 500 Monthly Contracts $.75 cents per contract $1 Per Trade (Leg) + Per Contract Fee
2 501 -4999 Monthly Contracts $.50 cents per contract $1 Per Trade (Leg) + Per Contract Fee
3 5000-10000 Monthly Contracts $.35 cents per contract $1 Per Trade (Leg) + Per Contract Fee
4 10,001+ Monthly Contracts $.25 cents per contract $1 Per Trade (Leg) + Per Contract Fee
** Click Here for Exchange Fees, Routing Fees, and Regulatory Fees.
** Limited Time Offer Available for New Accounts and Incoming New Account Transfers Only.
** Rates Offered are an Introductory Offer for New Customers. Open a New Account Today for Introductory Rates.
** Individual, Entity (Corporate, LLC), and IRA Accounts are Eligible for this Introductory Offer.
** Multi leg options strategies (including spreads/iron condors) are charged per each leg of the order.
** Equities and Options commission guidelines are separate.
** Promotional rates are subject to approval by OptionsRoute.
** Rates shown are commission guidelines for each independent non-pro brokerage account established by a customer.
** Commission rates for options trades do not automatically adjust. Any approval for a volume adjusted commission rate will start at the beginning of the next month after the approval date. No rebates are issued for past trade activity.
** CBOE proprietary products including SPX, VIX, RUT, NDX, DJX, NDX, and OEX incur additional CBOE Proprietary Exchange Fees.
** Commissions, Regulatory, Exchange, Routing, Data, Software and Clearing Fees are Debited to your Brokerage Account.
** Call-in trades for clients are $39.95 per ticket. This fee applies to all trading services.
** Option exercise or assignment will be charged $30 each
** Clients who do not elect to receive their confirmations and statements electronically will be charged $2 per confirmation and $5 per statement for each confirmation or statement sent by US postal mail delivery.
** Proprietary index options may incur additional fees. Please review the Routing Fees pages for more details.

For more information, please Contact Us.