Per Trade
    Account Management

    Manage trades, positions, and orders for one or several accounts.
  • Watchlists
    Create Watchlists for Stock and ETFs.
  • Charts and Studies
    Technical Analysis and Trade from Charts.
  • Advanced Order Types
    Stops, Trailing Stops, OTO, OCO orders.

AutoTrade Service*

    Web & Mobile Access

    Follow trades in your OptionsRoute Account.
  • Select from over 90 trade alert services
    Autotrade trade alerts from services you subscribe to
  • Receive Trade Notifications
    After orders have been filled.
  • Turn On and Off Allocations
    Turn On/Off Allocations
  • * See details

* Equities and Options commission guidelines are separate.
* Call-in trades are $39.95 per trade.
* Exchange, Routing, and Regulatory Fees are debited to your account.
* Rates are not retroactive. Any options rate update must be approved.
* A minimum balance of $2,000 must be maintained in order to trade options.
* A minimum balance of $25,000 must be maintained in order to day trade.
* Option exercise or assignment will be charged $30 each For large debit balances, please contact us regarding margin rates.
* From time to time we may run special offers. Special Offers Any special offers or commission deals we offer that are not accepted by the client by opening and funding an account within 30 days are automatically considered voided. After 30 days the offer would go back to the default deals listed above. Commission rates as shown may not be valid with any other special offer or with other pre-negotiated rates.

For more information, please Contact Us.